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Cell Phone Unlocking




Use this page to order your cell phone unlock online. If you’d rather do it in store just visit our cell phone unlock page for more details.

We don’t keep your phone for the unlock, we simply send you a series of unique numbers specifically generated for your phone to punch into the phone dialer, and that will unlock your phone. Our unlock codes are sourced directly from the manufacturer and sometimes this can take up to 2 days.

We will refund you the full amount if your phone can’t be unlocked. After all, why pay for something if it’s not fixed.

How long does the unlock take?

The price and duration of the unlock process vary on a case by case basis. The estimated wait times for phones locked to a Canadian carrier are as follows:

Android1-2 Days
iPhone2-5 Days
Phones locked to an international carrier can sometimes take longer than the timeframes listed above. Please note that the above timeframe is estimated based on the current unlocks we do. Your device could take longer (or less time).

We do not physically keep your cell phone during the unlocking process. You get to keep your phone and continue to use it as you normally do without interruption. Unlocking a cell phone permanently with Phone Guru will not impact your cell phone data, software, or relationship with your current network carrier.

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