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Phone Guru Vancouver

Phone Guru is the most trusted name when it comes to anything Cellphone & Tablet related. We are the highest rated company in Metro Vancouver and have 3 locations to serve you.

Phone Guru has been preserving the beauty and functionality of cell phones, tablets, iPads, and computers for over a decade now. Commenced in 2008 from a small shop in Delta, British Columbia, we’ve successfully earned the trust of several residences in Canada, by delivering consistent quality service.

As part of our dedication to assisting as many customers as we can, we’ve expanded our business to three other locations, responding quickly and efficiently to all customer complaints. Our sole goal is to use our technical aptitude to advance the technology repair industry while providing cost-effective solutions for faulty technological devices.

We take pride in our work; we value customer satisfaction and we love what we do.

Our Mission

To go above and beyond

We’ve stayed true to our mission for over ten years now: to repair and improve the functionality or aesthetics of faulty tech devices by offering unmatched quality service. In doing so, we have successfully created trust among our customers and we go the extra mile to ensure that each customer is treated equally.

We are problem solvers with the patience and competence necessary to assess customer’s complaints and provide a solution that works. Our high customer satisfaction rating is a testament to our attention to detail and accuracy. With each task we undertake, we aim to produce results that are in line with our mission to restore the functionality and beauty of tech devices.

Our Core Values

Understanding, honesty, and accuracy are our core values.

These form a part of the foundation on which our company is built. These values have influenced how we operate over the years, allowing us to provide customers with a positive experience and subsequently expand our company’s footprint.

Understanding: At Phone Guru, we take the time to listen to our customers’ complaints to fully understand the problem that they are having with their device. This allows for a more accurate solution in the least amount of time and allows us to further maintain the credibility of our business.

Honesty: Phone Guru believes that each customer relationship should begin with honesty. This is why we always communicating our prices clearly and precisely to customers, encouraging them to rely on us and trust our services.

Accuracy: We strive to provide an ACCURATE solution for each repair we undertake. This gives us a sense of pride and allows us to exceed the expectations of our customers at all times.

A – Advance repair skills and tools

C – Clear and concise communication

C – Customer convenience

U – Understanding

R – Results customers appreciate

A – Appreciation for customer loyalty

C – Complete customer satisfaction

Y – Yielding success through quality service.

More than just phones

We work on devices of all types including phones, tablets, & other types of electronic devices

At Phone Guru, we go beyond cell phones. Our specialized repair service includes a variety of devices including laptops, tablets, iPads, and more. Our team aims to provide a solution for every possible problem you could have with your device, even those that seem impossible to solve.  Our goal is to never limit the service we provide to customers. That is why, as our customer base grows, we will continue to revise and personalize our service to meet customer needs. With our diverse tech repair services, we’re able to accommodate more customers and create more smiles.

Our services include:

  • Cellphone screen replacement
  • Data Recovery
  • Water damage repair
  • Samsung phone repair
  • Google Pixel Repair
  • Cellphone unlocking
  • iPad screen repair
  • Cell phone battery replacement
  • LG Phone repair
  • Blackberry cellphone repair

All prospective customers are provided with a free nonobligatory price quote despite what service they are interested in. The repair cost is largely dependent on the type of service a customer needs, but we go above and beyond to provide each customer with honest prices. Also, as part of our commitment to ensuring quality, we source and stock only the highest quality manufactured approve parts for all repair and replacements. With us, customers are given nothing but the best!

Our Team

Our competent staff is one of the main things that sets us apart from our competitors. Each technician on our team has received the relevant training necessary to detect and solve problems with tech devices. Our passion and understanding of tech devices are unrivaled and we have made it our priority to grow with the technology industry to ensure that we’re always capable of providing a solution for customer problems. The admirable worth ethics of our staff and customer loyalty are the main reasons we’ve become the go-to company for tech device repair.

Over 10 Years of Credibility

Phone Guru is delighted to be lauded as the top tech repair service provider in all of British Columbia and the surrounding province. Our professionalism and proficiency have not only earned us the trust of many customers but it has also allowed us to gain a competitive edge. Quite often customers come to us after receiving poor service from another company. Whether it’s because of unfair prices, unprofessionalism, or longer wait times, we always aim to find a solution that will improve their experience with us. As opposed to many businesses, our technicians are trained and fully certified to troubleshoot and repair tech devices. Our credibility is our best asset, but despite this, we have remained modest and are consistently looking for ways to improve the way we serve customers.

Give Us A Call Today!

The team at Phone Guru is always thrilled to welcome new customers into our family. It doesn’t matter if you are looking to replace a broken screen or restore lost data, give us a call today. You can even pay us a visit if you would like to; we’re always polite and prompt when responding to prospective customers in need of help.

We’re eager to assess your device and provide timely results that will leave you smiling!

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