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iPhone Data Recovery

With our phones being the center of our lives these days, they pretty much have all of our information in them. What do you do when your phone becomes unresponsive and you do not have a copy of your data? Your pictures, your videos, and your contacts could all get lost forever if your phone were to die and if you didn’t have a backup of it. No need to panic, Phone Guru are experts when it comes to data recovery on iPhones.

Risk Free Recovery (No Data, No Fee)

We have helped hundreds of people recover data from their dead iPhones and are confident that we can do the same for you. If we are unable to get your data back, you don’t pay anything.

Conveniently Located

We’re conveniently located at 4339 Dunbar Street (Dunbar & 27th) and are open 6 days a week. No appointment necessary.

iPhones storage is encrypted by Apple for your security. This is an amazing feature that can turn into a real nuisance very quickly if your phone has stopped working. It’s not possible to pull data from the flash memory on your phone, as doing so would only give you a bunch of gibberish.

So what do you do if you need to get the data out from your phone if it’s not working? The only real way to get the data off your device is by getting it working to a point where the data can be extracted. Our data recovery service is similar to our water damage repair service with one very big difference.

With our data recovery service, we get your phone working up to the point of being able to turn the phone on and get the data out of it. With this process, we bypass trying to fix all other issues that may be wrong with your phone and simply focus on data recovery.

Once we are able to get your phone to boot up, we pull the data out and provide it to you in in a USB stick which you can then plug into your computer and download the data from. Alternatively, if you’ve bought another phone we can create an iTunes backup for you which you can then use to restore on to your phone.

How much does it cost?

The cost for this service depends on how much time it takes for us to be able to get your phone working to a point of being able to extract your data. Our price ranges from $100-$1,000 with the average recovery coming in at about $250-$350.

How long does it take?

Our data recovery service is a highly specialized one and can take anywhere from between 3 days – 2 weeks. We will keep you updated along the way.

My phone has a flashing red screen. Is it possible to get the data out from it?

The likelihood of getting data out from a phone whose screen is flashing red is very low. We can attempt to recover the data but the success rate will be less than 10%.

I’m not in Vancouver, Can I mail you my phone?

If you’re not located in Vancouver or are not able to drop off your phone for this repair, you can mail it to us. Simply give us a call or start a live chat session and we will walk you through the steps to get started.

Do you have any questions about our iPhone data recovery service?