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Apple Watch Screen Repair Vancouver

Are you looking for Apple Watch screen repair in Vancouver? If so, you’ve come to the right place. Phone Guru offers professional and quick Apple Watch screen repair services that you won’t find anywhere else. We use the best quality parts available to ensure your apple watch looks as good as it did the day that you bought it.

Apple Watch Screen ReplacementYour Apple Watch might have cost you big bucks but it’s far from durable, especially the screen. One small mishap and that delicate screen can break, shatter, or start flickering. Sometimes it will even go completely black, rendering it unusable.

But, before you rush to buy a new one, think about repairing the damage – it’s effective, quick, and can help you save big. At Phone Guru, we provide specialized Apple Watch screen repair services in Vancouver at unbeatable prices.

With a team of certified techs who’ve repaired countless Apple Watch screens, we have the skills necessary to repair any Apple Watch screen while maintaining its original structure.

Sure you might find other Apple Watch screen repairs in Vancouver that are cheaper, but they cut corners and use the cheapest parts you can find. We believe in using quality parts that are more durable, last longer, and have better color quality. At Phone Guru, we believe better quality creates better repairs. At the end of the day, you get what you pay for.

Apple Watch Screen Repair Vancouver Prices

We aim to have the most competitive prices for the quality of parts that we use.
Remember, you get what you pay for.

Apple Watch Screen Repair VancouverGlass Only (38/40mm)Glass Only (42/44mm)LCD (38/40mm)LCD (42/44mm)
Apple Watch Series Ultra (49MM)$699
Apple Watch Series 9 (38/40mm)$650$675
Apple Watch Series 8 (38/40mm)$349$539
Apple Watch Series 7 (38/40mm)$319$319
Apple Watch Series 6$199$199$349$349
Apple Watch Series SE$189$189$249$279
Apple Watch Series 5$199$199$249$279
Apple Watch Series 4$189$189$329$329
Apple Watch Series 3$179$179$229$249
Apple Watch Series 2$179$179$189$219
Apple Watch Series 1$149$169

Apple Watch Screen Repair Vancouver Prices

Our customers have continued to choose us simply because we offer them the BEST service.

At Phone Guru doing Apple Watch Screen repair Vancouver is our specialty. Stop by our store with your device or use our mail-in option to send it to us and one of our techs will get started on the repair. Your complete satisfaction is our goal and our job is never done until you are pleased with the service that you have received.

  • We off a free noncommitment diagnosis.
  • We use the highest quality parts that are available. We know that some of our competitors rely solely on cheap knockoff to reduce cost. But we want to ensure that you get lasting results and that means using the best parts available on the market.
  • Certified technicians with experience repairing different cell phones.
  • Fast and efficient service
  • We offer convenient delivery methods.
  • We have a high success rate among our customers
  • Unbeatable rates

If you have a damaged iPhone screen, give us a call. Don’t let a cracked or damaged iPhone screen prevent you from using your device properly. Phone Guru has the skills and resources to repair any damage to your phone screen – you won’t even remember the damage once we’re done. Stay connected by contacting us today and we’ll help you to resolve the problem with your iPhone screen.

We also offer Apple Watch battery services as well as repairs on the newer Apple Watch series 7.

Have a repair that’s not listed above or have any questions? We offer free diagnostics